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Sunshine & Rainbow Bracelet

This is a stunning rainbow bracelet that allows you to showcase multiple colors with beauty.

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Why We Love Our Sunshine & Rainbow Bracelet!

Our Bracelet is an example of all the hope that comes next! Typically there is always a rainbow after a storm and we believe this bracelet is a true symbol of a Sunshine & a Rainbow! Our Sunshine & Rainbow Bracelet is made with 14K White / Yellow Gold, Amethyst, Citrine, Mozambique Garnet, Rhodolite Garnet, Peridot, and Swiss Blue Topaz–a little bit of everything!

Our Sunshine Rainbow Bracelet weighs 10.82 grams, 4.2mm width, and includes…

(1)-6.00×04.00 MM AA Faceted, Genuine Amethyst – Oval Faceted; AA Quality,

(1)-6.00×04.00 MM AA Faceted, Genuine Citrine – Oval Faceted; AA Quality,

(1)-6.00×04.00 MM AA Faceted, Genuine Garnet Mozambique – Oval Faceted; AA Quality; DARK ORANGE RED,

(1)-.00×04.00 MM AA Faceted, Genuine Garnet Rhodolite – Oval Faceted; AA Quality; REDDISH PURPLE,

(1)-6.00×04.00 MM AA Faceted, Genuine Topaz – Oval Faceted; AA Quality; SWISS BLUE, and

(1)-6.00×04.00 MM AA Faceted, Genuine Peridot – Oval Faceted; AA Quality!

There is always sunshine after a rainbow!