Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

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Whether you and your partner are shopping together or you’re trying to surprise your sweetheart with the perfect engagement ring, there are a few things you should be aware of. Choosing an engagement ring is more than simply finding a ring you love, especially if you want to do it right. In today’s post, we will provide you with more information that you should keep in mind as you begin shopping for engagement rings.

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Establish a Budget

Before you can begin thinking about the carats or the clarity of the diamond, you need to make sure you establish a budget. An engagement ring can be one of the most expensive purchases you make in your life, and creating a budget will allow you to make sure you’re not spending more than you can afford. If you go into a jewelry store before establishing your budget, you may fall in love with a ring that you really can’t afford. Instead, figure out how much you can reasonably afford to spend and make sure you tell the jeweler what your budget is before you start looking at rings.

Narrow Down the Cut

Before you begin looking for a ring, you first want to determine which shape your significant other wants. Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, and your partner may decide that they like some shapes more than others. The most common diamond shapes are:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Asscher
  • Emerald
  • Cushion
  • Marquise
  • Radiant
  • Pear

Knowing the shape of the diamond your partner wants can help you in a couple different ways. For one, if your sweetheart has a particular shape in mind, it can significantly reduce the number of rings you will see, which can make the process less overwhelming. Additionally, certain diamond cuts actually cost less. Most people lean towards the traditional oval shape for engagement rings, making it more expensive. However, if your partner prefers the pear or emerald cut, you may be able to get more carats or a better quality diamond for less!

Determine Carats and Clarity

The measurement of carats determines how big the diamond will be, and clarity determines how clear the diamond is. There are some people who would prefer a diamond that is bigger as opposed to one that is completely clear, but that all comes down to personal preference and budget. For example, if your partner doesn’t care about how clear the diamond is, then you may be able to get away with purchasing a diamond with more carats, and vice versa. Consider researching carats and clarity to give yourself a better idea of what you’re looking for in an engagement ring.


Many people think that all diamonds have the same color, but that’s not the case. Diamonds come in a variety of different hues, with the rarest being “colorless.” The color of the diamond is ranked on a letter scale from D to Z. Diamonds with a D rating are completely colorless, making them more expensive, while diamonds ranking more towards Z will have a yellowish tinge to them. With that in mind, you can also find diamonds in unique colors such as pink, yellow, or chocolate.

The Band

Some may say that the diamond is the most important part of the engagement ring, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect the band. Not all engagement ring bands have to be simple. In fact, you may find some rings with bands that twist and loop around each other, giving the ring another level of beauty. That being said, the most important part about the band is the metal.

Traditional engagement rings are made with yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. However, there are other options as well. In recent years, there has been a rise in people choosing a rose gold band instead of one of the more traditional metals. If you’re unsure what kind of metal your partner will like best, consider snooping through their jewelry box to see what they favor with their other jewelry.

Determine Your Partner’s Ring Size

The size of the engagement ring may be the next important thing after carat, clarity, cut, and color. When it comes to the size of the ring, it is possible to resize the ring should you buy it in the wrong size, but doing so could result in a weaker band or could affect the placement of the stones. It’s also important to note that the right ring size shouldn’t be so tight that it cuts off circulation, and it shouldn’t be so loose that your partner has to worry that the ring might fall off. The best way to ensure that the ring is just the right size is to have your partner get sized by a professional jeweler.

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