Cassandra Marie Jewelry is an online Jewelry stored based in Nashville, Tennessee. Our hearts' passion and love for jewelry is shown in our fine jewelry pieces, custom collections, repairs, and restoring impeccable designs. We dedicate our personal time to meet our customers needs and understanding the unique designs and values every individual wants. From special occasion pieces to everyday desires, we love to display a wide variety of fine jewelry for you.
We are a forever growing company. We strive to design and launch timeless collections and pieces that will make us a place to remember. We believe in treating all our customers with respect, honesty, and always do what is best for our clients. We only can provide our services and jewelry products, of the highest quality, from earning our customers' respect and loyalty.
We will always be available to help create new and unique jewelry pieces. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with us, we can share with you many different designs so we can brainstorm a new idea together -- you can have your own designed piece!